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Covenant Classical School's mission is
to train our students to live and think
according to a biblical, Christ-centered
worldview. We invite you to take a look
around and learn more.

Academics at

Scripture is our foundation and guide
as we evaluate knowledge, the world
and all of life. The best education is
anchored in an environment that
recognizes all truth as God's truth.

Athletics at

Athletics creates a unique situation to
encourage, prepare and push students
toward goals. Teamwork is a beautiful way
to encourage the individual to be involved with
the whole.

The Arts at

The arts program of Covenant Classical
School seeks to develop the aesthetic
sensibilities of students so that
they may delight in the beauty
and glory of God.


School Blog

  • Headmaster’s 2014 Convocation Prayer

    August 19, 2014 covenant

    At Covenant Classical School, we gather together each year before school starts for a Convocation service, a time to pray and ask for God’s blessing on our school for the new year. Our headmaster, Eric Cook, chooses a spiritual theme for the year

  • A 21st Century Education

    June 16, 2014 covenant

    I will begin the way Dorothy Sayers’ began her 1947 essay entitled “The Lost Tools of Learning” (which I encourage everyone here to read). Like Sayers, I will acknowledge, that “it is in the highest degree improbable that the reforms I propose will ever be carried into effect.” Virtually no one in the educational field will implement anything I will offer today because again, like Sayers, I will argue that “if we are to produce a society of educated people, fitted to preserve their intellectual freedom among the complex pressures of our modern society, we must turn back the wheel of progress some four or five hundred years, to the point at which education began to lose sight of its true object.” What I will argue is that what we need for a thriving 21st century education is a revival of the liberal arts, or as it is called today, classical education.

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