Volunteering at Covenant

Volunteer Opportunities at Covenant for the 2016-2017 School Year

Volunteer_1 Volunteers are integral to the Covenant Community.  Our parents, grandparents and friends help with a multitude of events, our athletics, the CCS fundraisers, admissions and more.  We are so grateful for your help.  Please look at the list below to gain an understanding of the level of time commitment and also the time of year for each job.  These are just some of the volunteer opportunities.

If you would like to volunteer at Covenant, we ask that you complete the Ministry Safe Course.  You may do this by sending an email to Kathleen Smith at ksmith@covenantfw.org and let her know you would like to volunteer.  She will send you a link and instructions for Ministry Safe Training.

Opportunity Assists Timeline Time Commitment
Giving Day Volunteer Director of Development
Caroline James
Event September 22 Two weeks prior and then concentrated on the Day of Giving September 22. Facebook Posts and emails to friends of CCS.
Auction Committee Volunteer Director of Development
Caroline James
cjames@covenantfw.orgEvent Chairs: Meredith O’Brien (merobrien@yahoo.com) and Anna Nave (anna@nave-eng.com)
Event November 10 Helps with various aspects of this event….drivers, set up tear down, contacts, sponsors… Summer and Fall commitment only.
Project Hope School Admin Team
Caroline James
cjames@covenantfw.orgEvent Chairs: Michelle Pettke (michelle.pettke@gmail.com) and Keith Larance (keithlarance@gmail.com)
Event April 13 Transportation, Supplies, Planning Committee
Golf Scramble Volunteer Director of Development
Caroline James
cjames@covenantfw.orgEvent Chairs: Alex Armstrong, Charmaine Poteet, Matt Taplett, Jason West, Brian Young
Event April 21 Helps with various aspects of this event.  Spring commitment
Fine Arts Volunteer Kate Hicks (theater)
Diane Boren (grammar art)
Charlotte Seifert (logic/rhetoric art)
Emily Bailey (music)
Izehi Agboaye (yearbook, photo & design)
Varies depending on the event(s) with which you choose to work. School Play/Musical, Spring Visual Arts Showcase, Kindergarten Soiree, Lessons and Carols, Afternoon of Shakespeare, Yearbook, Photography
Athletics Volunteer Athletics Director
Ron Abrams
Opportunities coincide with each season. Team Mom, Announcer, Chain Crew, Scoreboard Operator, Statistician, Camera Operator, Scorekeeper, Transportation, Meals

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