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Join us for the Biduum Latinum

Want to know how to write a basic letter in Latin? Describe your day’s activities in Latin? Order lunch, or talk about Augustine’s view of the soul? Covenant Classical School invites you to join us for our first conversational Latin weekend: Biduum Latinum. This two-day conference presents a unique opportunity to learn and practice conversational Latin as Dr. David Noe of Calvin College leads participants through simple exercises and games to help build a basis for using more active Latin.

Our biduum (two day event) will be divided into seven sessions of one hour each.  The setting and environment is friendly and informal, and though some prior knowledge of Latin will be helpful, mastery of grammar or experience speaking Latin are not required.

Registration cost: $90 general admission; $45 for Covenant students

A special rate of $109/night is available at Staybridge Suites West Fort Worth, located at 229 Clifford Center Drive. To take advantage of this special rate, rooms must by booked by January 12 using this link: CCS – Staybridge Suites West Fort Worth.

Testimonials from attendees at previous Latin conversation weekends with Dr. Noe 

“I loved the conference. It was such a joy to be with a group of like-minded Latinists. It was also a good affirmation for me that I’m not too bad at spoken Latin.” Michael K., Michigan.

“This weekend was a blast. So lovely to read and discuss (in Latin!) our favorite authors…I really liked the way things ran this weekend. Allowing English during breaks was nice.” – Christie P., Kentucky.

“While I knew I was way out of my league at the Biduum, I learned so much and am very grateful for the experience.  It has changed the way I will conduct my teaching in Latin.  I think the class will be much more interesting and meaningful (and FUN).” Karen A., Lake Odessa, MI

Latin Conversation Weekend Schedule

Friday, January 27

1:00-1:30            Welcome and Drama

1:30-2:30         Sessio Prima

2:30-2:45          Requies

2:45-3:45         Sessio Secunda

3:45-4:00          Requies

4:00-5:00          Sessio Tertia

6:30-8:00         Optional dinner at local restaurant for biduum participants


Saturday, January 28

9:00-10:00       Sessio Quarta

10:00-10:15          Requies

10:15-11:15     Sessio Quinta

11:15-12:30     Prandium

12:30-1:30       Sessio Sexta

1:30-1:45         Requies

2:00-3:00         Sessio Septima et Valedictiones

Space is limited so register soon!

This Latin conversation weekend is for students ages ten through adult, as well as for teachers who want to incorporate more active Latin in their classrooms.  For more information, contact Marcus Foster