Growing Together
The Campaign for Covenant

In 1999 a small group of committed Christian parents forged ahead with research, plans and action to build a school unlike any other. These families recognized the need for a Christ-centered, academically rigorous school that valued the biblical role of parents in the education of their children. Together these founding families pressed on with great conviction to build a place for their own children’s education and, today, for the children of our larger community.

The Campaign

Covenant exists independently of any church or denomination and independently of any government/public funding source. As a result, all revenue that supports the school comes through tuition and development.

Embracing the stewardship principles of ownership, responsibility, accountability and reward, campaign volunteers and Covenant staff have begun work on The Campaign for Covenant. Collectively the campaign entails approximately 57,000 square feet of academic and instruction space combined with significant infrastructure improvements to provide increased access to the campus.

Expanding the campus to accommodate the current and projected student body is an ambitious project that will deepen Covenant’s mission and enhance its growing reputation as an insightful leader within the classical Christian movement.

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The Mission at Covenant Classical School is at the Heart of Everything we Do, We Say and We Teach.

Together, we strive to train our students to live and think according to a biblical, Christ-centered worldview. We accomplish this by partnering with parents to provide a rigorous, classical education that instills a lifelong love of learning. Students are challenged to think and live in a way that honors God.

Expanding the campus to accommodate the current and projected student body is an ambitious project that will deepen Covenant’s mission and enhance its growing reputation as an insightful leader within the classical Christian movement.

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The project can be divided into two parts: the classroom wings with library and science labs total approximately 36,600 square feet and the dining hall and community space will add approximately 18,000 square feet. Additional parking, driveways and infrastructure improvements are also included.

  • Dedicated Lower School campus for Covenant’s K-2 students
  • Increased classroom square footage (nearly double the current classroom size) for grades K-4.
  • Additional instructional space within the two new wings, with one wing dedicated exclusively to grades 3-6.
  • All-school library
  • Additional science laboratory spaces – The new labs will more than double the current lab space.
  • Multipurpose Dining Hall for Campus dining, all-school
    chapel and other campus wide events and activities
  • Outdoor learning spaces – Located between the two new wings and the Upper School building, these outdoor settings will enhance the existing curriculum and offer opportunities for engagement outside of the formal classroom spaces.

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Why Yes, You Can Volunteer

Volunteers are integral to the Covenant Community


Campaign Committee Volunteers

Brooks Danley Campaign Chair Mike Barber Campaign  Volunteer
Andrea Danley Campaign Chair Caryn Barber Campaign  Volunteer
Stephanie Boss Faculty Gifts Chair Doug Briley Campaign  Volunteer
Rob Opitz Board Gifts Chair Rebecca Briley Campaign  Volunteer
Ron Russell Grandparents’ Gifts Chair David Capper Campaign  Volunteer
Amy Russell Grandparents’ Gifts Chair Dianne Capper Campaign  Volunteer
Galli Davis Campaign Prayer Leadership Mike O’Brien Campaign  Volunteer
Jill Davis Campaign Prayer Leadership Meredith O’Brien Campaign  Volunteer
Christy Opitz Campaign  Volunteer Keira West Campaign  Volunteer
Will Pickett Campaign Volunteer Lance Wilks Campaign  Volunteer
Caty Pickett Campaign  Volunteer Allison Wilks Campaign  Volunteer
Brent McDonald Campaign  Volunteer Jason Grochowski Campaign Volunteer
Kim McDonald Campaign  Volunteer Maridon Grochowski Campaign Volunteer
Scott Wade Campaign  Volunteer Jason West Campaign  Volunteer
Katie Wade Campaign  Volunteer Aimee Sapp Development Admin Assistant


You Can Pray for the Covenant Classical School Campaign

Lord, we boldly ask for your provision. You have been faithful to bless Covenant Classical School with growth in numbers. May Your plans for our school come to fruition. You own everything and are able to bless us with new facilities that meet our future needs in your perfect timing. Please bless us financially.

Beyond this plea, bless each family. Revive each heart to burn (Luke 24:32) with love for You, Father, even the hearts of our children’s children for years to come, that You may be known on earth, Your saving power among the nations (Psalm 67).

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The Covenant Master Plan

Growing Together, The Campaign for Covenant

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