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Proven Academics

Classical education means we are cultivating wisdom and virtue in our students, not just providing career preparation. Learn More

Spiritual Formation

At Covenant, the Bible is our source of truth, and we strive to make Christ preeminent in all things. Learn More

Fine Arts

Covenant students learn to delight in the beauty and glory of God through K-12 Fine Arts classes.
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Cavaliers train and compete to honor God with their performance, dedication and sportsmanship.
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What's the Difference?

What does “classical” mean? Contrary to what it might sound like, “classical” does not mean old-fashioned, elitist or boring. The name refers to the Classical period in history when people like Aristotle and Socrates shaped an educational model with the loftiest of goals: human flourishing.

Most Christian parents worry about how to give their children an excellent education that also nurtures their faith. At Covenant, we use a classical Christian educational model to prepare students to succeed in college and beyond, with a strong foundation of faith.

What's My

Christian school families come from a variety of educational, socioeconomic, and professional backgrounds. They share a conviction that the school years are formative. These families know that it is impossible for education to be separated from worldview. For example, if children are taught science without any reference to God, they learn that God is irrelevant to science. The desire to educate Christian children with a Bible-based worldview cuts right across socioeconomic boundaries. No matter what our culture or income level, we all want God's best for our children.

The body of Christ consists of believers from every walk of life. This unity and diversity should also be reflected in a Christian school. It is Covenant Classical School's desire that classical Christian education be made available to those to whom the associated costs might seem prohibitive (single-parent families and families with economic challenges).


“Little Pilgrim’s Progress” GCS Seminar

Great Conversation Series Seminar: Little Pilgrim’s Progress Experience classical education firsthand in a seminar devoted to a modern adaptation of a Christian Classic that anchors third grade at CCS: Helen Taylor’s Little Pilgrim’s Progress, based on Bunyan’s original, one of the most influential religious texts penned in English…