Covenant Classical School

Choosing a school for your child is no easy task. Exploring schools and comparing options can feel overwhelming. Whatever the choice, there is no such thing as a “neutral” education. A worldview is being formed and nurtured, and students are influenced by their teachers, the school’s culture, and the curriculum. If the goal of education is to get into a certain college or vocation, there are many paths and methods that can accomplish those goals. Other schools are even built on those kinds of promises. However, if the why of an education is centered on the formation of the whole person — one who knows how to learn, how to think, and how to live — then the what must be different, too. At Covenant, we follow the proven path of classical education.

What does “classical” mean? The name refers to the Classical period in history when thinkers like Aristotle and Socrates shaped an educational model with the loftiest of goals: human flourishing. Teaching for wisdom and virtue, rather than mere vocation, alters the focus of education to who we become, not what we know. Few, if any, modern-day educational philosophies make such a claim. But, in classical Christian education, transformation is the aim of everything we do.

Classical Christian education trains students to think critically, wrestle with big ideas, write and speak with eloquence, and live lives of faith and virtue. Our students are immersed in the truths of the Gospel, the beauty of the liberal arts, and the great ideas found throughout history. As they grow and mature, our students study the Bible, read great works of literature, dive deep into history, discover scientific principles, explore mathematics, participate in the fine arts, engage in vigorous debate, represent their views persuasively, and learn to examine life’s big questions about purpose and meaning. Their minds are trained for learning and their hearts are trained to love what is good, true, and beautiful. Our students are learning how to learn so they can pursue whatever they want to learn for the rest of their lives.

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