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In pursuit of our broader school mission, College Counseling at Covenant partners with families and students as they prepare for higher education. We do so with joyful expectancy, as students continue their educational pursuits for the glory of God in a context that best fits their unique talents, priorities, interests, and goals.

We advocate for a college application process that is Kingdom-minded, exploratory, and reflective. Walking alongside students and parents through their four years of Rhetoric School, we seek to equip parents and students with objective, current information concerning the college landscape in order that they might be well-equipped and confident in their post-Covenant plans. We remind ourselves throughout the application and matriculation process that the college admissions process is a match to be made, not a prize to be won.

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Jennifer Meadows

Jennifer Meadows
College Counselor & Testing Coordinator

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Elizabeth Johnson

Elizabeth Johnson
Upper School Assistant & Registrar

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