To all of you moms (and dads!) out there who are feeling all of the deep emotions about sending your child off to college for the first time, it’s real. It’s true. It IS hard. 

I remember my husband’s biggest angst about our girls leaving was wondering if he would be enough for me. It was a valid question. We were always together as a family unit. I loved the “momness” of it all AND we were about to experience a break in the family norm. Our only norm we had known since fifteen months into our marriage. 

Of course, we would not be enough for each other. (Never put that impossible burden on your spouse.) Jesus is and always will be the one and only “enough.” 

Was it hard? Yes. 

Were we sad? Yes. 

Did we pray extra, extra hard? Yes. 

Did we together depend on Jesus even more? Yes. 

Are we so thankful for God’s protection and provision? Yes. 

Would we have wanted our kids to stay at home as babies when it was time for them to fly? Ye—No, absolutely, not! 

This moment. This hard thing that’s happening. This “disentanglement” as I’ve heard this process called. THIS is what you’ve been preparing them for the whole time. 

So get ready. Get ready for a new normal. Get ready for new emotions. Get ready for new adventures. Get ready for new conversations. And, get ready to watch them soar … and come back! 

Our youngest has been away for two years now and is coming back to the States one month from today. Am I excited about that? You betcha! Know this: Jesus is enough and more. Hold on to Him and to each other. And, get ready for a new adventure. 

By Stephanie Boss