Covenant Classical School

Portrait Of A Graduate

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Museums, Movies and a Man: Delighting in Beauty

I am an art teacher. If anyone should have beauty figured out, it should be me. On the subject of beauty, I thought initially it wouldn’t be that hard to share my thoughts, or to find quite easily, the exact definition. Yet, as I dove into the waters of what is beautiful, I found myself overwhelmed by the goodness of God. I...   continue

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The Highest Calling: Embody Virtue

If you are like me, you read the Portrait of a Graduate and say, “Yes! That’s what I want for my child!”  We all want our children to be “better” than ourselves. We quickly sign the contract and hope, “Please help my child become these things.” We all have a desire to live the best possible life – the good life...   continue

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Discovering the Wonder and Joy of Mathematics

One of the most beautiful things about language is that not only do words convey meaning, they also stir up emotions and memories. Often these are strong and visceral. Sometimes people agree on the emotions connected to words, but other words can mean different things to different people. Take the word “mathematics.” How does...   continue

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Ransacked for His Glory

If you’re a parent trying out classical Christian education for the first time, you may ask, “Why do we read so many secular books?” And if you’re a student, you might phrase it, “Why do we read those ancient dead guys?” Newbies to classical Christian education might wonder why we bother to mix sacred with secular...   continue

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Plant the Seeds for a Lifetime of Learning

I am not a Covenant graduate, but I got here as fast as I could! One of the things that drew me to Covenant was the rich learning environment. From the curriculum listed on the website to the first moment that I set foot on the campus, I knew this was the place for my family to grow and flourish. I wanted in and I wanted to...   continue

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How and Why Should We Then Reason?

Throughout my 13 years at Covenant, I have taught every grade level from 6th Grade to 12th Grade. During a few of those years, I actually had the privilege of teaching Bible Survey and Logic to 7th Graders, while also teaching Greek to 12th Graders. The shift from a 7th Grade to a 12th Grade class within one or two hours was...   continue

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As I Have Loved You

When students come to me for Greek I in their 10th Grade year, I like to share a little analogy with them to help them understand why we would study a “dead language” that is as challenging as classical Greek. Imagine that you meet someone from a foreign country who doesn’t speak any English. Through a translator, you...   continue


What's Love Got to Do With It?

Society would have us believe that education is solely the formation of the mind and that knowledge alone is the singular solution to all our woes. Culture is saturated with the message that the more we know, the better we become. If this is true, why do our problems seem to multiply?  Why is it that the smarter we claim to be...   continue