Online Enrichment Library


Click on a menu item below to view enrichment opportunities in addition to those already listed on your grade level website. If you would like to suggest an item to be added to this collection please email your suggestion to

  • BibleProject: The Bible is one unified story that leads to Jesus, but we don’t always treat it that way. At BibleProject you can explore a collection of animated videos illustrating the books and themes of the Bible.
  • Veritas Bible: Learn about 96 critical events in the Bible through clever interactions and striking video designed for children.
Classical Education
  • Base Camp Live: Explore a library of podcasts aiming to equip you to “raise the next generation with ancient future education.”
  • Circe Institute: Read the latest blog posts and articles at this site dedicated to cultivating wisdom and virtue through classical education.
  • ClassicalU: Preview one of 40+ interactive courses.
  • CoderZ: Setup a free account and begin learning to code by snapping blocks of code together. On this site students assemble strings of code together to navigate a robot through various challenging adventures.
  • Coding Curriculum at This website has already been used by some parents for typing classes, but it also has computer basics and coding introductions. It is free, and can allow a parent to set up a class with multiple students.
  • This is a website which “gamifies” coding so that students will feel like they are playing. They have several choices available. The Hour of Code or Glitch Manor sections might be good starting points.
  • Ozoblocky: This site is best for those students who are already familiar with an Ozobot. The site features two quick games that help students understand how to program a robot to follow basic geometry. A test window allows you to test your code without actually having a robot at home.
  • Parents or students can create a free login where they can engage in Beginner, Intermediate or Advanced typing lessons. All students who are unfamiliar with the keyboard should start with the Beginner lessons. Students can typically complete a lesson (consisting of 10 practice sessions) within 15 minutes. It is reasonable to aim to complete 2-3 lessons each week.