Financial Aid

Why do families consider a classical Christian school?

As parents, we consciously provide the best nutrition possible for our children’s growing bodies. In the same way, we need to nourish their minds and souls with good, hearty academic and spiritual “food.” A good Christian education includes:

  1. Biblically-based curriculum and culture
  2. Academic challenge
  3. Cultivation of strong moral character
  4. “Living curriculum” in the walk and witness of the faculty

Christian education builds and nurtures a Christian worldview in children and helps them reach their God-given potential as His image bearers.

Who sends their children to a classical school?

Christian school families come from a variety of educational, socioeconomic, and professional backgrounds. They share a conviction that the school years are formative. These families know that it is impossible for education to be separated from worldview. For example, if children are taught science without any reference to God, they learn that God is irrelevant to science. The desire to educate Christian children with a Bible-based worldview cuts right across socioeconomic boundaries. No matter what our culture or income level, we all want God’s best for our children.

The body of Christ consists of believers from every walk of life. This unity and diversity should also be reflected in a Christian school. It is Covenant Classical School’s desire that classical Christian education be made available to those to whom the associated costs might seem prohibitive (single-parent families and families with economic challenges).

How does offering tuition assistance to families benefit the school?

Every student and family in a Christian school benefits from tuition assistance provided to eligible families on a family-income need basis. How?

  1. Tuition assistance at a Christian school enables students whose families could not otherwise afford full tuition to attend. This builds a sense of shared Christian community and mission on behalf of our Covenant children.
  2. Instead of a community comprised primarily of financially “comfortable” or affluent families, classical Christian education is available to a much broader socioeconomic range of families — a diversity characterizing the body of Christ.
  3. Tuition assistance brings children into the school, which in turn provides tuition income (what the family can pay). The increase in both students and income can lower the average cost per child. As the school family grows, the reach and influence of its vision extends to families who would be excluded without tuition assistance.
  4. Increased enrollment means growth in programs, both academic and co-curricular. Additional students and revenue bring more individualization for students, as well as opportunities to discover and exercise their God-given abilities and talents.

How do I apply?

Covenant Classical School utilizes the services of FACTS Grant & Aid to process our applications for financial aid. Beginning on Monday, October 31, please use the link below to apply. Before completing your application, please click here for detailed instructions.

FACTS Grant & Aid is our standard submission format for those applications. FACTS Grant & Aid does not decide whether financial assistance will be given or how much to give, rather FACTS Grant & Aid provides a need-based financial aid analysis service which includes a recommendation of what a family should reasonably contribute toward tuition.  The board of directors at Covenant sets the parameters for these FACTS Grant & Aid recommendations. All information from FACTS Grant & Aid is kept confidential and results are only reviewed by the Financial Aid Committee as needed. While no financial aid procedure can be entirely equitable due to the large number of extenuating circumstances and individual factors, the FACTS Grant & Aid recommendations aid the Finance Committee in making these determinations each year. All families must re-apply for FACTS Grant & Aid funds each school year and due dates are strictly adhered to by the committee. Since tax return verification is mandatory, please schedule your tax appointment early if you plan to apply for financial aid for the coming school year. The deadline for current CCS families to submit tax return information is prior to the April 15, IRS deadline each year. Tuition assistance applications are available online via this link to the FACTS Grant & Aid website.  Tuition assistance decisions are communicated upon acceptance and are contingent upon final verification by FACTS Grant & Aid of IRS documents. There is a $40 application fee payable to FACTS Grant & Aid by credit card, debit card or bank account.