Fine Arts

The arts program of Covenant Classical School seeks to develop the aesthetic sensibilities of students so that they may delight in the beauty and glory of God.

  • Develop – Develop means cultivate and refine. Students will be taught to enjoy, identify, imitate, discern, and create beautiful art.
  • Aesthetic – The word ‘aesthetic’ refers to the nature and expression of beauty. It is imperative that students learn to sense the true, the good, and the beautiful. This is found first and foremost in the being of God and secondarily in His creation. Our primary emphasis is to develop the students’ discernment regarding what is beautiful and enable them to make informed aesthetic judgments.
  • Sensibilities – By sensibilities we simply mean the senses. CCS desires that students learn to employ all their faculties in worshipping God and enjoying His creation. The Scriptures tell us that “whether we eat or drink, do all things to the glory of God” (I Cor. 10:31). As students learn to hear, see, and perceive what is beautiful, their senses become conduits by which to enjoy and express their delight in God’s glory.
  • Delight – Delight is an expression of worship (Ps. 37:4). It signifies “the enjoyment of all the manifestations of God’s glory in the natural world around us.” It does not mean passive observation, but the engaging of the mind, heart, and body to rejoice in God’s creation. Delighting in the glory of God means students have an eye for what is beautiful and demonstrate some measure of skill in creating what is beautiful. It should be noted that teachers cannot create this delight because only the Spirit of God can redeem the senses. This makes us completely dependent upon the Lord to accomplish our vision.
  • Glory of God – The glory of God refers to the manifestation of God’s character and attributes. It is through His natural and special revelation that He communicates who He is and what He is like. We are able to delight in these glorious realities when we begin to see Him in everything He has made. The CCS arts program aims to point students to perceive that glory as we strive to see it ourselves.