It’s Super Bowl time! This year, as the Chiefs face off against the 49ers, we all get to watch as some of the most highly skilled and talented athletes in the world battle for the championship. Patrick Mahomes, the 2018 NFL MVP, will be leading Kansas City in that charge.

Would it surprise you to hear that Patrick Mahomes was not always primarily a football player? At Whitehouse High School in East Texas, Mahomes excelled in three sports: football, basketball and baseball. In fact, the Athletic Director, Adam Cook, who was also the football coach, says that if “Mahomes would have been a one-sport kid, perhaps his creative and unique style wouldn’t have flourished.”

At Covenant, our athletes are encouraged to play multiple sports. Research is showing more and more how this only benefits the athletes themselves. Patrick Mahomes is just another example of how a multi-sport high school athlete can excel at an elite level without specialization.

Mahomes is also mentioned as being a young man of outstanding character. As the previous Whitehouse HS Athletic Director, Richard Peacock, mentions, “It’s hard to separate what’s more impressive. His athletic ability or character.”

May this ultimately be what stands out about our Covenant athletes: impressive character.


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post by Jeremy Martin, CCS Athletic Director