Humanity Moments! (Oh, the Humanity!)

This week has been a beautiful blur. No other way to describe it. 

I was holding it all together, so to speak (a.k.a. not crying). Well, maybe a tear or two were shed here and there. 

So much technology. 

Wanting to do everything “right.” (I am a recovering One on the Enneagram scale.)

Feeling all of the inadequacies.

Praying about everything.

Wanting it all to go well.

But, what made this a beautiful week?

The humanity moments.


Email responses from parents resonating with me over learning all of the new things. 

Parents so quick to empathize with my being horrified over a hastily-written typo.





Togetherness. We’re all in this together, this I know. We have our own High School Musical going on over here. HSM 4. I don’t know the subtitle yet since the story is still happening.

Group teacher text threads.

Teaching Team group prayer over Zoom.

Admin vision, leadership, and stewardship. They have a mighty ship to steer.

Tech support from everywhere (that’s a whole other post).

But, the thing that finally put me over the top and caused the levee to break (pardon another water idiom) was … the student’s handwriting. 

Each individual one.

When I saw the handwriting that started to pop up in emailed pdf attachments, I experienced a flood of tears that welled up from deep in my core. 

Oh, how I miss these children! I KNOW that I am not alone in this; I know that each and every teacher would echo this same sentiment.

Finally getting to see students’ faces over Zoom has been so incredibly joyous, but seeing their handwriting hit me like a ton of bricks. 

Even more personal than “seeing” their faces on a screen was the individual element of themselves. Their identity. Their personhood. What makes them, them. Their uniqueness. 

The beauty of these pages with handwriting (even if messy at times) are reflections of their individual, recognizable, even quirky, personal elements of who they are, made me weep. 

I miss them.

We all miss our students.

I am thankful, but this is hard.

Let’s just say it.

We are wired for community.

Even though I am an introvert, I am feeling the need for people strongly.

So, I am going to hang on to all of these beautiful humanity moments.

Even if it’s in a PDF.


by Stephanie Boss, CCS 5th grade teacher