A word that means a little something extra.

Like the extra beignet that is thrown into the bag by the baker.

It’s a French word that is tossed around quite a bit in my home state of Louisiana.

A common expression meaning a gift, a little something added on top.

Thrown in for free.

Lagniappe. A gift.

When you think about it, we are all living in Lagniappe.

Bonus time.

We’ve all been given a little something extra …

Each day is a gift.


How are we going to treat this gift?

With scant gratitude or all-out gusto?

With moderation or full-tilt thanks?

With remembrance or forgetfulness?

As we enter this season of Thanksgiving, let’s remember to:

Praise Jesus daily.

Walk in gratitude fully.

Be mindful of His glorious grace continually.

Proclaim His goodness faithfully.

Read the Word insatiably.

Obey cheerfully.

Pray intentionally.

Desire God’s presence delightfully.

Yearn for His holiness seriously.

Grow in generosity joyfully.

And, Praise Jesus, all over again, daily.

We are all living in a gracious gift of the Lagniappe moment.

Let’s live it for Jesus.

by Stephanie Boss, CCS Fifth Grade Teacher