1st Grade at Covenant

Get to know your 1st Grade teachers!

Dana Maddox

Mom of two grown children
Blessed with seven grandkids
Loves reading, sewing and travel

“I love the innocence, awe, wonder and excitement that encompasses the lives of our First-Graders. It’s inspiring! I enjoy the privilege of teaching the basics of reading and math. First Grade is so foundational for every aspect of our students’ educational experience.”

Brittany Hunnicutt

Mom of four CCS students
Chicken farmer and gardener
Loves reading, biking and tea

“I love everything we learn in First Grade! From addition and subtraction to learning about amazing historical heroes and God’s amazing creation, we learn a lot and have a lot of fun along the way. I love the growth that takes place in First Grade, and the fun and excitement of learning new things!”

Elizabeth Kostoff

Mom of two CCS students
Enjoys bowling and board games
Loves family time and pool days

“I love watching students progress from learning letters and sounds to putting words together to becoming fluent readers. It’s incredible to be part of that journey! Everything is new and exciting in First Grade, and I enjoy encouraging a love of learning. I can’t wait to meet my new students!”

A Day in the Life of a 1st Grade Student

First-Graders are continuing an adventure of learning that began in Kindergarten. At Covenant, we believe God created children to be inquisitive and active learners, and First Grade is a busy year, indeed! What does it look like to be in 1st Grade at Covenant? 

We start each day with Chapel, prayer, and a “morning meeting” to set the day’s course.

In First Grade, we continue to build strong literacy skills and work on a variety of reading comprehension strategies throughout the year. Letter learning focuses on phonics instruction and handwriting practice. 

In math, we focus on number skills, hands-on activities, math games and math journals to promote
“number sense.” 

Our history studies take us back to early America and the founding of Texas, and we enjoy biographical stories and Colonial crafts throughout the year.

In science, we explore the days of creation and enjoy several experiments. We learn about the Bible and explore its study in lots of different ways.

There are several Bible verses we use to help our students grow, including “Work unto the Lord,” “Obey your parents,” and “Obey those in authority over you.” These are some of the heart issues we work on all year.

 We pray for each of our incoming 1st Grade students throughout the summer, and continue praying for them all year long! We cannot wait to begin our new adventure together! You’re going to love 1st Grade!


From Art projects to Science experiments,1st grade students at Covenant are gaining the tools of learning through hands-on exploration. The “Sea Creature” project is a favorite memory for Cavaliers young and old!

Field Trips

Learning comes to life at Covenant with field trips that correspond to their studies. As 1st Grade students learn about the Colonial era in America, they have especially enjoyed their trips to Fort Worth’s Log Cabin Village.


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