2nd Grade at Covenant

Get to know your 2nd Grade teachers!

At Covenant, we believe that children were designed by God to be active, ask lots of questions and grow in responsibility with intentional guidance. 

Leigh Anne Salter

Mom to a CCS Junior and two alumni
Enjoys live theatre performances
Paints one room at home every year
Loves her rescue dog, Bella

“Second Grade is one of the sweetest spots at Covenant. Students take off in reading and I get to introduce them to my favorite authors and series. They are tender toward spiritual topics and ask really good questions. I’m excited to see what God will teach me through them this year!”

Suzanna Liebelt

Mom to four boys at CCS
Loves reading and family time
Enjoys summer beach trips

“I love how Second-Graders have so much curiosity and such an eagerness to learn. In Second Grade, we’ll enjoy learning about ancient Egyptian history, and we’ll focus on ways our students can take more responsibility for their materials and school work. I’m excited to meet you and learn together this year!”

Anne Marie Curtis

Mom to four students at CCS
Loves to cook and exercise
Enjoys camping and being outdoors

“I love this age! They are cute, sweet and make the best pictures for their teachers – I have quite the collection! I also love reading books out loud, which is something our classes love. Some children get the idea early on that they’re not good at math, and I love to try and change their minds. We are going to have a blast together!”

A Day in the Life of a 2nd Grade Student

Second-Graders are continuing an adventure of learning that began in earlier years. We work on establishing and practicing good work and study habits, like keeping a tidy desk and managing time well.

We start each day with Chapel, prayer, and a “morning meeting” to set the day’s course. 

We continue to build strong literacy skills and work on a variety of reading comprehension strategies throughout the year. Letter learning focuses on phonics instruction and handwriting practice, including cursive writing!

Math & Science
In math, we focus on number skills, hands-on activities, math games and math journals to promote “number sense.” In science, we study Botany and plant and harvest herbs and vegetables in our class garden.

History & Bible
Our history studies take us back to ancient Egypt, and we enjoy themed crafts, a fun salt map project and even mummify a chicken! In Bible we see the overlap of our Ancient Egypt studies as we dig into the amazing true stories of the Israelites in Exodus.

We hope to see you on a visit to 2nd Grade soon!  We are praying for all of our new students and are excited to meet you!


From creating Salt Maps of the Nile Valley and mummifying a raw chicken, 2nd grade is full of messy fun! 

Field Trips

Because learning goes beyond the classroom, our students enjoy field trips, too! One of our favorite Kindergarten field trips has been a visit to Mainstay Farm’s Pumpkin Patch in the fall.


Some of our favorite traditions in 2nd Grade are celebrating Passover together, sharing an Egyptian Feast, and practicing brand-new botany skills in the 2nd Grade garden.

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