3rd Grade at Covenant

Get to know your 3rd Grade teachers!

Third Grade at Covenant is a big year! As part of your learning adventure, this year is filled with new experiences and explorations into new subjects, too!

Karen McCarty

Enjoys crime-solving books and TV shows
Loves time by the pool and snuggling her two cats
Performing in theatre show “Bright Star” this summer

“Third-Graders are filled with joy for life and learning, love hugs and can have deep, heartfelt conversations! Get ready, because we are going to learn so much and grow in responsibility. It will be wonderful
to get another year with you. See you soon!”

Karise Gililland

Studied English and Imaginative & Cultural Apologetics
Dream vacation includes toes in sand and book in hand
Loves coffee, her teenage daughters and her cats

“Third Grade is an exciting time of growth as students become more self-sufficient and organized. I enjoy helping young writers grow in skill and confidence.”

Amy Davis

Mom to a CCS Sophomore
Married to a high school art teacher
Enjoys working out and time with loved ones

“Discussing novels with my class is my favorite! We dig deep and find biblical truths to apply to our lives. I love seeing how Third-Graders mature over the course of the year. Our year will be amazing!”

Chloe Jones

Newlywed with two quirky pets, Kodah and Toothless
Teaches an online French course at a local university
Loves rock-climbing and running

“Salve! I am thrilled to embark on this adventure and can’t wait to share the joy of learning a new language with you! Learning new things can be challenging, but it strengthens students and equips them to tackle future endeavors with confidence.”

A Day in the Life of a 3rd Grade Student

In Third Grade, students begin to take more responsibility and transition from learning to read to reading to learn. It’s an exciting time of growth as students mature socially, emotionally, academically and spiritually.

We start each day with Chapel, prayer, and a “morning meeting” to set the day’s course.  

We continue to build strong literacy skills and work on a variety of reading comprehension strategies throughout the year. Letter learning focuses on phonics instruction and handwriting practice, including cursive writing!

Grammar, Literature and Composition
We dive deep into great literature that helps our students grow in maturity and understanding. Students also delve into grammar, writing and rhetoric, building valuable composition skills as they go. [NEED MORE HERE] 

Math & Science
In science, we study astronomy and complete a planet project. [INSERT MATH]

History & Bible
We explore the Bible – focusing on Judges to Kings in the Old Testament – and our History studies take us back to ancient Greece and Rome. (Our students love the crafts and activities that enhance our learning in these subjects!)

Covenant students begin their Latin journey in 3rd Grade with songs, chants and an exploration of the culture and language. [INSERT REAL TEXT HERE]

We hope to see you on a visit to 3rd Grade soon!  We are praying for all of our new students and are excited to meet you!



Field Trips



One of our favorite traditions in 3rd Grade is the Greek Olympics. After studying Ancient Greece and Rome, and beginning our Latin studies, we get to dress up in togas and compete for the laurels!

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