4th Grade at Covenant

Get to know your 4th Grade teachers!

As teachers, we challenge our students to develop independence, manage their time well and take a more active role in their own education. But it’s not only about working hard – we have a lot of fun in Fourth Grade!

Lorrie Baker

Has one son who recently graduated
Loves reading and animals, especially her three cats
Hopes to visit Washington, D.C. this summer

“I love Fourth Grade! Our students are excited about learning new things and especially enjoy literature, history and our Bible curriculum. There are so many interesting historical figures to learn about this year. Fourth Grade is the best grade!”

Jeff Rozanski


Sherry Jeffries

Mom to two grown children in Houston and Austin
Loves walking with her husband on the Trinity Trail
Currently studying James and Revelation

“Fourth-Graders are so kind to one another, really want to learn and grow so much in independence. I love reading their creative narratives and cannot wait to become one big Fourth-Grade family!”

Chloe Jones

Newlywed with two quirky pets, Kodah and Toothless
Teaches an online French course at a local university
Loves rock-climbing and running

“Salve! I am thrilled to embark on this adventure and can’t wait to share the joy of learning a new language with you! Learning new things can be challenging, but it strengthens students and equips them to tackle future endeavors with confidence.”

A Day in the Life of a 4th Grade Student

Fourth Grade at Covenant is filled with lots of opportunities to explore new topics, reinforce learning and develop responsibility. Establishing and practicing good work and study habits is one of our key goals of the year, including filling out their own Weekly Assignment Sheet (WAS).

We start each day with Chapel and prayer before moving into our lessons. 

Literature & History
[INSERT TEXT] Middle Ages and Renaissance history and literature

Math & Science
[INSERT TEXT] Zoology and math

Grammar & Composition

[INSERT TEXT] Kings through Malachi in the Old Testament.



[Insert Text]

Field Trips



On “Monk Day,” 4th Grade students’ study of the medieval era of history really comes to life! They don monk’s robes, take a vow of silence, go on a Prayer Walk through campus, and share a simple meal of bread and soup together. (Then they erupt into cheers when their vows are complete!)

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