Covenant Classical School Privacy Policy

How does Covenant Classical School handle your personal information?

Covenant Classical School strives to protect the privacy of your personal information online through our school web site. This privacy policy statement is provided to you in order to communicate how we collect, use and disclose your information as it pertains to Covenant Classical School. This policy serves as your acceptance agreement. If for any reason you do not want your personal information provided to Covenant Classical School, please do not submit any personal information through the online web site and contact our administrators and staff directly.

How does Covenant Classical School collect your personal information?

Covenant Classical School makes use of your personal information such as name, mailing address, telephone number and other contact information when in the use of online sign-up events or other related school activities for registration purposes and further contact. Covenant Classical School does not share your information with other organization without the express written authorization during the online request. In addition, Covenant Classical School does not share your personal information with colleges, universities or college-based organizations.

Your Personal Information and Parents RenWeb Online Administration Software

Covenant Classical School partners directly with RenWeb’s School Management Software solution. For more information about RenWeb, click here. RenWeb is our administration partner as it refers to student admissions, financial payments and other student and family communication tools. Various portions of our web site includes outbound external URL links to the secure RenWeb web site.

What Other Sources of Personal Information is Gathered Through Our Site?

Covenant Classical School incorporates various online tracking of data and information through behavioral and technical aspects of navigation through the online web site. Data collected can include your (ISP) internet service provider, computer operating system, choice of web browser, regional location, landing page verification, date and time of your visit and other interactions related to the clicks and page visits of the web site. This information is not personal in nature and not identifiable and is not linked to identify persons visiting our web site online. These are standard processes tracked to improve the visibility, troubleshooting usability problems and usefulness of the web site overall.

We use standard Google Analytics tracking code in order to generate the needed information for review and management as it relates to your online activity with the web site. For information about Google’s Analytics Privacy, please visit Google Analytics Privacy Overview

For any additional information about the Covenant Classical School Privacy Policy, please contact our staff at 817.820.0884.