I love school. I love books about school, movies about school, going to school, walking on a school campus, even the idea of school. 

Our family loves school. I teach at a school, and our kids have continued in school beyond college. When Rob and I married, our first apartment was located on a school campus. 

During our last long stint in seminary, one of Rob’s professors knocked on our front door unannounced one evening. We opened the door, and his shocked eyes fell upon our kitchen table laden with books and strewn with chip bags, coffee cups, and such. 

In my mind, I immediately plummeted to the depths of embarrassment until he said, “Oh, are you having a study hall?!” In the next moment, my shame was replaced with euphoria as this state of our lives was given a name. Yes, yes … study hall! 

Our lives had now been defined. The messes now had meaning. The bags of chips and stacks of cups now had a purpose. We were in a permanent state of study hall. Lifelong learning. Perpetual preparation.

So, in light of my new-found liberty, I joyfully confess these things:

Ten Confessions (No, eleven) of a Lifelong Learner

  1. Stacks of unread books … everywhere
  2. Nerding out over posts about book lists
  3. Predictable gift giving (Books, anyone?)
  4. Bookstores invariably making it into date nights
  5. Movie choices often revolve around school themes
  6. Ever-growing book wish lists
  7. Delighting over learning new things, even random things, like how to say hello in Hungarian
  8. Chasing bibliographies (one book leading you to read another)
  9. The temptation to wander into libraries (a.k.a. enchanted labyrinths)
  10. Delighting in yet another opening of a Half Price Books location
  11. Eating meals on tables amidst the stacks of currently-read books 

To all of you fellow lifelong learners out there on the journey of life:

Happy reading! Happy learning! Happy study hall … forever!


by Stephanie Boss, 5th grade teacher