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Since Covenant was founded in 1999, we have been built on one simple, but important phrase from Scripture, in all things, Christ preeminent (Col: 1:15-20).

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There are profound implications for aligning ourselves to this banner. It is the center of our mission, the reason we exist. It is the common thread throughout our curriculum. It frames the relationships we form with parents, students and faculty. It is the essence of our school community as believers and educators. In all things Christ preeminent means we stake our school’s existence and value on the Lord’s sovereignty over our school.

The importance of this phrase is also clear when we seek to advance Covenant’s mission, grow our student body, and fund future buildings and growth projects. In undertaking those tasks, we are not simply trying to raise more dollars, acquire more students, or expand our footprint. Ultimately, we are seeking to be faithful to God’s call to raise up a godly generation for the cause of Christ and His glory, and do so in a space befitting this purpose.

To continue the school’s work on this mission we need to provide additional space for our growing population of students. To do this, the board and I are focusing on a few priorities.

First, we are seeking to acquiring lead gifts for the capital campaign. As many of you heard, we have hired Mr. Jason Lewis as our interim Director of Advancement. As a former Head of School and Chief Development Officer at a classical Christian school, Jason comes to us with a strong commitment to the advancement of classical Christian schools. He also arrives with nearly two decades of experience as a fundraising professional, which will allow him to assist the board and I as we navigate the ongoing capital campaign, evaluate our fundraising efforts in general, and make plans for future fundraising efforts and personnel.

Second, we are evaluating all the available options regarding our facilities buildout. The master plan we unveiled in January of 2016 provides a roadmap for expanding the campus. However, it is by no means a linear plan. At every stage of growth, we will assess the resources God provides and seek to allocate them wisely. Currently, we are openly evaluating what new buildings or expansions are the best choices to meet our upcoming needs, how those should be configured, and in what order they should be built. Secondarily, we are also evaluating what temporary, short-term options might also be available in the near term. In our current facilities, even with modest growth, we will need additional classrooms by the start of school in August 2019. Therefore, we are simultaneously seeking gifts from our constituents while assessing a range of possibilities for adding classrooms.

Third, we continue to pray and seek support for God’s provision. Throughout the history of our school, we have seen the Lord provide exactly what we need at just the right time. We will continue to rely on the Lord and His perfect timing.

There are many of you who have shared how your children or grandchildren are being changed by the education they have received at Covenant. We continue to develop graduates who are thoughtful, informed, virtuous and wise well beyond their years. However, we know that ultimately we are relying on the Lord’s provision to work in the hearts and minds of our students. It is really no different in the buildout of the school. We will work to plan well and acquire support, but we are wholly dependent upon Him to meet our needs.

Thank you for your prayers and continued support of Covenant’s mission and vision. The best is yet to come!

Eric Cook
Head of School

Pray for Covenant Classical School

Lord, we boldly ask for your provision. You have been faithful to bless Covenant Classical School with growth in numbers. May Your plans for our school come to fruition. You own everything and are able to bless us with new facilities that meet our future needs in your perfect timing. Please bless us financially. 

Beyond this plea, bless each family. Revive each heart to burn (Luke 24:32) with love for You, Father, even the hearts of our children’s children for years to come, that You may be known on earth, Your saving power among the nations (Psalm 67).

The Covenant Master Plan

Growing Together, The Campaign for Covenant