On a school day back in 2007, I remember a mom enthusiastically say this to me as she tapped me on the shoulder during afternoon pick-up. The tag-team image has stuck with me through the years as a great visual to express how parent/teacher partnership works here at CCS.

Parent partnership is one of the key components of life at Covenant, and is one of my favorite things about our school. Why? It is vital to the success of the student. We, as teachers, are in partnership with you, as parents, in the training of your children to help them learn the ways of wisdom and to walk in the fear and admonition of the Lord.

This is no small task for either party — and one that is impossible apart from God.

Partnership gives strength to the parent/teacher/student relationship because it forms a team approach. We are all on the same side. The students learn that both their parents and their teachers are working toward the same aim. And, they learn that the aim is good. Students learn the powerful message of: “Both my parents and my teachers are for me.”

Partnership may look different from child to child and family to family. It may occur in a variety of ways, such as working through academic struggles, affirming biblical truths, holding students accountable, building students up, speaking encouraging words, giving extra time to work on a subject or concept, tutoring and more.

Undergirding it all, students are receiving the same message at home and school: “We care about you!”

This year, parent partnership has risen to an all-new level of trust!

It’s been hard not seeing and interacting with parents as regularly on campus. We miss seeing you! Morning duty used to be one of my favorite parts of the week. I enjoyed having quick chats about students, hearing duck calls, playing “Name That Tune” with songs on the radio, giving project reminders, giving a thumbs-up, learning siblings’ names and even watching the various get-out-of-the-car processes. Ha! I truly miss this personal interaction. And although the current pick-up crew is doing an awesome job – in record time – I do miss seeing you, parents!

But, lately, I have LOVED seeing parents making copies in the workroom, delivering Fun Lunch around to the classrooms and reading to students. These have been glimmers of hope as we all long for a return to normalcy. We cannot wait.

We love your kids. We thank you for your trust. We take this trust very seriously.

The teaching of your children is a big deal and a high calling that we, as teachers, do not take lightly.

Thank you, parents, for trusting us with your most precious possessions, your children.

Hope to see you soon and to give you a hearty, “Tag, you’re it!”

by Stephanie Boss, CCS Fifth Grade Teacher