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To understand any school, you must first know what its goals are for its graduates.

When you look at Covenant’s Portrait of a Graduate, you are looking into the heart of our school. These are the goals that drive us. They guide every decision we make, from hiring a new teacher, to choosing a science textbook or a field trip destination.

If you look closely, you will notice some distinctions that set Covenant apart from many other schools.

  • You won’t see “college ready” on our list, although we are proud to say that our graduates attend their top-choice schools and perform exceptionally well at many of the top-ranked schools in the nation.
  • You won’t see “global citizen,” although we have graduates who are working and studying abroad.
  • You won’t see “tech savvy,” although we have alumni who are pursuing degrees in math, engineering and computer science.

In our opinion, these goals are too short-termed for a mission as big as ours. At Covenant we are equipping students for a lifetime, not a graduation ceremony.

It is our privilege to partner with parents who share this vision for their own children. Together, by the grace of God, we are striving to raise a generation of godly leaders, thinkers and culture makers.

If you would like to read the full version of our Portrait of a Graduate, click here.

Soli Deo Gloria,
Eric Cook
Head of School

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A Christian classical education provides a unique and time-tested approach to teaching and learning that has produced some of the most influential Christian leaders in the history of the church. It is our desire that Covenant Classical School (CCS) trains students to become mature, wise, and eloquent Christian leaders in our own generation.

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